Don't Be that Person - Craziest Lawsuits of 2011

You have all heard the lawyer jokes ("Why didn't the shark eat the lawyer?"  ... "Professional courtesy").  Unfortunately, some of that tarnished reputation comes from our own brethren who assist clients in making the most ridiculous claims.  As a humorous, or ironic, look at last year, has published The 5 Most Outrageous Lawsuits of 2011.  To share some:

Kidnapper Sues Hostages for Breaching 'Contract' to Hide Him

The most outrageous and strangest lawsuit to come out of 2011 might be this one. A convicted kidnapper in Colorado sued his former hostages for breaching an oral contract to hide him when he was a fugitive. He sought damages to compensate him for injuries incurred during his arrest.

'Bad Mothering' Lawsuit: Kids Sued Mom over Empty B-Day Card

Attorney Steven A. Miner helped his kids file a lawsuit against his ex-wife for being a "bad mother." The kids said that they were subjected to empty birthday cards, clothing budgets, seat belts, and their mother's "forgetfulness."

Most lawyers don't get involved in such cases that have no real substance - just like most attorney's practices aren't what you see on TV.  Your attorney's role should be as a trusted advisor to you - someone who educates you about the law, learns what your goals are, are helps you create and take a path through the law towards your goals.  Oh, and your attorney should be able to laugh at any good lawyer jokes.

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