Randolph NJ Schools Possibly Failing - Why?

Randolph NJ, where I live and our son goes to school, is a typical suburban neighborhood in Morris County, NJ - the 5th wealthiest county in the country according to Wikipedia.  We moved there in large part because of the supposed quality of the public school education.  

Its school budget time of year again, and the news in New Jersey is not good.  We are facing a $9,000,000,000 (that $9 billion) deficit in the state, and a minimum $2,000,000 deficit in the Randolph School budget (out of a total budget of about $76 million).  All the news I have been hearing is how we need to do with less this year - but I was thinking that we have good, strong, solid school system, we just need some belt tightening.

Well, imagine my surprise to read a Daily Record article that we have a FAILING school system. That's right, Randolph High, Randolph Middle and one of our Elementary schools "received an "early warning" for a one-year lapse in reaching testing requirements."  Now, I am not here to debate No Child Left Behind and the testing it mandates (I am not a supporter).  However, it is the law of the land, and effects how our public schools are funded and operated.    

One of the more disturbing things about this is that I had to learn of my child's failing school district from the newspaper - nothing was sent to parents or township residents, and it is not on the school district news page.  

I am not an educator - I don't know what the issues are from their perspective.  I am not being critical of the test scores, they are what they are, and are good in the sense that they highlight  what are clearly issues in the Randolph NJ education system.  However, I am a parent and a taxpayer, and feel that it is reasonable to expect that a school district of Randolph's supposed quality and significant funding not only meet minimum standards, but leave them in the dust in terms of the quality of education being offered to our children.