The Fein Print - For Business Owners and their Advisors

The second issue of The Fein Print is being distributed today.  This issue is addressed at the needs of business owners and their advisers.  Topics covered include:

  • Q&A on Tax Cuts expiring in 2012 - With the Bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of 2012, what can I do in my business now to take advantage of these lucrative laws?  Read more here ....
  • Customers Dont' Pay? We can help.  This article talks about how a business can use the services of our Collection Department to turn accounts receivable into cash and what clients experience during the collection process.  Read more here ....
  • Employee Responsibility for Payroll Taxes.  While most business owners know that all owners and officers of a business are personally responsible for any failure to pay payroll taxes, not all are aware that the liability may extend to some of their employees.  Read more here ....

The Fein Print is issued to subscribers monthly and contains inforation on a variety of topics that reflects the questions that our clients are asking us.  

  • Thoughts for Families - Every other month The Fein Print will focus on personal planning questions surrounding real estate, tax planning, estate planning and administration, personal litigation and elder law.  
  • Thoughts for Businesses - The other half of the year The Fein Print will focus on questions important to business owners on topics such as business operations, employee issues, mergers and aquisitions, tax law, and financing.

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Did you miss the first issue?  You can see it here.  Topics included:

  • Real Estate Tax Appeals - good for next year as the April 1 filing date just passed.
  • Your New Year's "Will-Power" - a guide for reviewing your estate plan
  • What is Elder Law?  A primer to a holistic approach to this growing need
  • 2011-2012 Tax Sale Video - Gift taxes are on sale for this year only.  This is a video guide to how congress's largess can benefit your family.

Any ideas for future topics?  Post a comment or contact me