Track those stimulus dollars

I found a great website to track exactly how the stimulus dollars are being spent, down to the county level. 

The Stimulus Tracker at shows the allocation of hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars on contracts, grants and loans to restore infrastructure. These are the dollars intended to jump-start the economy, and you can see exactly how they are being spent in the nation, your state, or your county.  It shows not only dollars, but new jobs created.

For example, New York, Florida, Texas and California are each getting more than $5 billion of stimulus dollars for infrastructure restoration.  I am sure it is a total coincidence that that these states have the highest amount of electoral college votes (not).

New Jersey is getting $1.8 billion of total contracts.  Essex, Camden and Bergen counties will each receive more than $100 million of those dollars.  Here in Morris County, that translates to $68.9 million dollars of total contracts, including $3.1 million to rehabilitate I-287 Nb over Rt 46 (which really needs it).  You can even drill down to the specifics of each project (like here for instance).

A more comprehensive site is - Track the Money.  However, it was honestly too detailed for me and my stomach started to churn at all the blue dots of "grant money" being distributed.  I seriously couldn't even make out the map anymore.

However, you can use to report fraud, waste and abuse.

We all wonder where the money is going - well, here is your chance to know!

Post Script:

Another useful sight was brought to my attention: Stimulus: How Fast We're Spending Nearly $800 Billion.  

The success of the federal stimulus program may hinge on the speed with which the government is able to distribute the billions authorized by Congress. Unlike some other estimates of the cost of the stimulus, which are based on spending projections, we took our numbers from the actual budget authority issued by Congress — $792 billion and change. We'll be tracking the progress of stimulus payments made by federal agencies weekly.