Heckerling Institute - An Estate Planners Dream Week

Depending on your passion, March Madness, Fashion Week or the Indianapolis 500 could be what you look forward to immersing yourself in every year. For estate planners, we look forward to the annual Heckerling Institute sponsored by the University of Miami School of Law.  For one week each January it is chance to go back to the classroom, and immerse yourself in what is working, what is not, a what is on the horizon for estate planning and tax law.

So next week I will be in Orlando as a student to refresh my knowledge, renew the creativity bank and reconnect with the theoretical of the law as opposed the practical day to day.  I will be tweeting updates to #heckerling and posting my thoughts about new and old techniques in the weeks to come.

This is a great opportunity to pick others minds, so comments about what you would like to know would be welcome.  I am sure lots of commentary will focus on what to do in our 365 days of estate tax repeal.