NJ Medicaid Key Figures - 2012

The key figures for Medicaid eligibility are updated frequently.  These figures will determine if a person qualifies for long term health care to be paid under Medicaid, as well as what assets a spouse can maintain if one spouse enters a nursing home.  These figures change frequently, some on an annual basis as a result of inflation, and other by administrative action.  Unfortunately, they are not broadcast by the Department of Human Resources as frequently.  Here is where they stand as of January 2012:

New Jersey Medicaid Reference – January, 2012

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance

$  22,728

Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance


Resource Allowance for an Individual

$    2,000

Resource Allowance for a Couple

(both husband and wife in a nursing home)

$    3,000

Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance

$    1,839

Maximum Monthly Maintenance  Needs Allowance

$    2,841

Monthly Personal Needs Allowance

$         35

Standard Utility Allowance

$       435

Divestment Penalty Divisor

$    7,282

Income Cap Amount

$    2,094

Home Equity Limit



If you have questions about New Jersey Medicaid eligibility you can contact Stacey C. Maiden, Esq. at smaiden@feinsuch.com.