10 Days to Launch - The Wealthy and Wise Community - Get us your Questions Now

Help with QuestionsThe Wealthy and Wise Community will be launching in 10 days!  Here you will find videos. podcasts, and articles aimed at educating the middle-class millionaire about how to make good critical decisions about protecting and building their wealth.

I am so excited to be working with Laura Mattia as a Co-Host of The Wealthy and Wise, and grateful to Grey Sky Films for their production work and support.  

This community is being created for YOU - a person who wants to know more about law and investment and to make better decisions to meet their goals.  In order to give you that information, we need to know what your questions are.  What topics here interest you most? What questions do you have about investing that you never got a solid answer on?  There is a lot of noise out there (do this, don't do that, shouting and yelling about everything) and our goal is to cut through it with real, targeted information.

How can you help?  Leave a comment here - or send an email to questions@thewealthyandwise.com - about what you would like to know.

And look for the official launch day!


Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net