Testament: who does it and how to do it?

Learn where and how to do this. The theme is full of complexities, but some people consider imperative to avoid family or business problems.

Nowadays, the concept of Testament seems to be exceeded for most citizens. When a person dies, the spouse and descendants tend to be the main heirs. Even here there are no major theatrics but, and if you do not want this? And if your will is beyond the legally imposed?
The answer to these questions is: make a will.
The Civil Code says that a will is the “unilateral and revocable Act by which a person offers, for after death, all of his goods or part of them”. That is, a will serve to share the goods after death, or to express the will of the person, such as revealing the fate of the remains.
To do this, you need to be of legal age and not suffering from any psychological problem. Being a personal act can only be made by the testator (author of the Testament) and not by means of a representative.
The Testament is in danger of cancellation if it is proved that the author was not in full possession of mental capabilities or have left the goods to someone with the intent that the person pass for another. Finally, you can also void if contain errors or if the author for coerced into place.
You should also know that there are two forms of Testament. This can be:
-Written by the notary in your notebook (called public Testament)
-Manuscript and signed by the testator, or manuscript by another person to pray of the testator and signed (called Last Will and Testament)
The latter must be approved by notary, notaries in accordance with law. The tester can, if it wishes, depositing the Testament in Notary solicitor being that can only be removed by the testator or by solicitor with special powers.
Already the citizens who do not possess the ability to read or write can only do a public Testament, i.e. with the participation of a notary for your preparation.
The law requires the will involved two witnesses, although the notary can dispense with the intervention of witnesses, in case of urgency and difficulty of the get, making it mention in the will. Can still intervene medical experts for will writing service uk for the sanity of the testator, at the request of or the notary.
How much does it cost …
Make a will has been more expensive. Nowadays, it is public Testament international will, instrument of approval, deposit and opening of Testament cost is £200 If you want the repeal of the will will be charged £75.00
In Portugal, you can do so in any notary office and abroad in Portuguese consulates.
What you need …
This time, they’re only required the identification documents of the testator and of the witnesses, which can be alternatively:
-the identity card or equivalent document, if it has been issued by the competent authority of one of the countries of the European Union;
-driving licence, if one has been issued by the competent authority of one of the countries of the European Union;
-the Passport.